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Musical Instruments Allowed In Islam


Salaam What musical instrument are allowed in Islam as regards listening to them and or playing them. Thank you


Alaykum Salaam

As a general rule, any music that is considered suitable for a gathering of entertainment and amusement (even if it doesn’t arouse sexual temptations), or that has haram content (example: foul language), or that leads to haram (example: sexually arousing) is haram to listen to. In order to distinguish the music that fits these criteria, one has to look at the norm of the common people.

Music – Question & Answer

Ayatullah Khamenei gives more details: Any music or singing which due to its characteristics keeps human beings away from Allah and from moral merits and spiritual matters, and drives them towards sinful acts and lust and carelessness is lahwī and Haram. Practical Laws of Islam

Therefore, the ruling for musical instrument is such: An instrument of haram entertainment is one that its physical form, i.e. for which it has been manufactured and primarily it is sought and valued base on this form, is not appropriate to be used except for haram entertainment. Musical Instruments


Yassir .R.