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Salaam Alaykum,

I would like to ask the following on Ashab – e Kahf

We have heard from the lecture that the Ashab – e Kahf , after waking up, and going to town incident and coming back , while people searching them, prayed to sleep again, and will wake up till the time of 12th Imam (a.f)

my question is :

How much truth is in this considering :

a) They were there before the Holy Prophet (saw), overslept the entire period and till date they are sleeping, Where ?? while the whole earth is explored ?

b) and why would they not wake up during the time of the Holy Prophet (saw)?


Walaykum Salaam.

What you have heard from the lecture is not fully supported by reliable Ahadith. We know that they are sleeping in the cave, but we do not know exactly when they will wake up, as this will be determined only by the Hukm of Allah. The details of Ashaabe Kahf are mentioned in the Quran, without any indication of their whereabouts and the duration of time after which they will get up from their long sleep.

Islam has produced many prophecies concerning the events that will take place before the Qiyamat, for example, Yajuj and Majuj or Dajjal will abide on earth, but there’s no mention of Ashab e Kahf. However, we can only say with certainty that a day will come when the dead will be resurrected and surely they will be among them.
We cannot say with certainty that every inch of this earth has been fully explored; every day we are getting information about the new living species that are being discovered by biologists.
Also, there have been many cases of many wanted people who have gone into hiding, and there whereabouts have not been found out. Allah (SWT) must have placed them in a cave which is not easily accessible.

As for why they did not wake up during the time of the Holy Prophet (SAWW), this is matter that rests on Allah’s Decree, without which nothing can happen. Apparently, there is no visible connection between their sleep and the mission of the Holy Prophet (SAWW), so that we should ask as to why they did not rise during the time of the Holy Prophet (SAWW).

Allah Knows Best.

Syed Kamoonpuri