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When should an unmarried person perform Ghusl al-Janabat?


I wanted to ask a question
When does the person has to perform Gusul e Janabt? Right at the moment he/she starts getting wet or gusul e janabt gets obligated only after the orgasm?
For non married.


Waalykum salam

Thank you for your Question

wetness that is not accompanied by orgasm is counted as paak. As in, it is not Najis. Hence Ghusl will not be necessary.

any wetness that is accompanied with orgasm, that will be Najis and will require one to perform Ghusl.

on a side note, Ghusl al-Janabat is meant for married people. However, those that are unmarried may have to perform it for, Istimna, meaning Masturbation- which is forbidden and Haram. Or for men, Ihtilam, where one has ejaculated in his sleep.

hope this helps,