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When is it allowed for a woman to ask for a khula according to Islam?


When is it allowed for a woman to ask for a khula according to Islam?


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Khul’ is a form of divorce in which the wife releases herself (from the marriage tie) by paying consideration to the husband.

What is the Khul’ divorce and what are its conditions?

The divorce of Khul’, its characteristics and conditions

The divorce of a wife who develops an aversion from her husband and hates him, and surrenders to him her Mahr or some of her property so that he may divorce her, is called Khul’ Divorce. To put it more clearly, this divorce refers to when for whatever reason, a wife no longer wants to continue living with her husband, while he doesn’t want to break up with her, and she gives him money or property in order to convince him to divorce her (because in Islam, it is the man who has the right to divorce his wife, and the wife has no say in it, therefore, the only way for the wife to be able to get separated from her husband is to somehow convince him to do so)….

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Islamic rulings of Khul'(divorce) according to Ayatullah al-Udhma Sayyid Ali Sistany:

Ruling 2546. The divorce of a wife who is not fond of her husband and has an aversion to him and gives him her dowry (mahr) or some of her other property so that he divorces her is known as a ‘khul’ divorce. In a khul divorce, it is a requirement that the wife’s aversion to her husband be at such a level that it is a threat to her fulfilling her marital duties.

Ruling 2549. If a husband and wife do not want each other and have an aversion to each other and the wife gives some property to her husband so that he divorces her, this is known as a ‘mubārāt divorce.

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