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When does Maghrib salah go qadha?


How long after the start of Maghrib does Maghrib go kaza?
Some people have told me it’s until the sky goes completely dark. When it goes dark then your salah Maghrib becomes kaza.
However others have told me that your Maghrib salah is valid right until the start of Isha.
I am confused.
Please guide me?
JazakAllah Khair brother


Thank you for your question

Kindly refer to the following link for more information

Ruling 723. For a person under normal circumstances, the time for the maghrib prayer is until midnight, but for a helpless person – who due to forgetfulness, oversleeping, menstruation (ḥayḍ), or suchlike did not perform prayers before midnight – the time for maghrib and ʿishāʾ prayers is extended until dawn. However, in both cases, the proper order between the two prayers must be observed, meaning that if the ʿishāʾ prayer is knowingly performed before the maghrib prayer, it is invalid unless the time remaining is sufficient only for performing the ʿishāʾ prayer, in which case it is necessary that one performs the ʿishāʾ prayer before the maghrib prayer.

With thanks and regards,
Ask An Alim Team.