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when discuss a topic with my father he gets angry


What should I do when I discuss a topic with my father and he gets angry?


Alaikum salam.

Your father might be going through some kind of stress, so it manifests as anger when having a discussion. It may be related to work, finances,health etc.
Try having some lighter discussions with him if you have to, or better still ask him for his advice first. Remember, he has a right over you and you should give him all the love and respect you can as your father.
If the discussion gets out of hand, before getting angry on him, you can leave the scenes and remind yourself of his status as a father and how Allah commands us to treat our parents in the Holy Quran. This way you will also make him think of his own behaviour and he might calm down eventually and respect you for your thoughts and opinions in the matter of discussion you were having.
This would probably not happen for the first times, but if you change your attitude in being polite and respectful whenever you discuss anything with him, it wont take long before he will come to have a special affection and respect for you which make him able to have all kinds of discussions with you inshAllah.

Salma Aalvi