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Event of Karbala


Salam maulana i have few questions pls help

1) in the event of karbala we often hear that janabe qasim was a groom for only one night. Does that mean janabe qasim got married on 9th moharram in karbala?

2) we know that imam hussain was martyred at asr time. We pray zohr asr together. So did imam not offer asr prayers?

And we do faka shiknee (breaking of faqa) at sunni’s asr time but we dont pray zohr asr seperate. Then why is it like that? I didnt understand


Alaykum Salaam

Answer to Q1: A number of primary resources that we have referred to, do not mention the marriage of Hadrat Qasim in Karbala. Majlis reciters may have referred to some secondary sources for this event. Allah (swt) knows the best.

Answer to Q2: Imam Husayn (a) offered his zuhr prayers along with his companions at zuhr time. By the time of ‘asr prayers, all his companions were martyred. So he offered his ‘asr prayer alone.

Answer to Q3:The ‘asr time followed by Sunni brethren is applicable to all Muslims. Therefore, Shi’i Muslims can also say their zuhr and ‘asr prayers separately. Rather, it is better to separate the prayers occasionally. Some of us combine the prayers for convenience sake or in many cases to benefit from participating in congregational prayers. The Holy Prophet (s) used to both:

(i) combine the zuhr & ‘asr as well maghrib and ‘Isha prayers; and (ii) say these four prayers separately.

This has been clearly recorded in Hadith books compiled by Sunni and Shi’i scholars.
If one decides to perform the recommended act of ‘faqa’ on the Day of Ashura, then it is better to extend till ‘asr time.

Allah (swt) knows the best.


Hasanayn Kassamali

Academy for Learning Islam