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Whats the minimum to start Salat ul Layl



I wanted to ask what are the wajib steps in Salatul Layl? I know Salatul Layl isn’t Wajib, but I mean to ask what is the minimum permissible method of praying Salatul Layl.

Of the 11 Rakat, would it suffice if I recited just the one last rakat?

And in the Qunoot of that 1 Rakat, what would be the minimum zikr necessary.

I want to start Salatul Layl but I feel it is very long so I want to start small and then Insha Allah build up on it, so thats why I was wondering about this

Thank you in advance!


Alaykum Al-Salam

The minimum of Salat Al-Layl in quantity is the one Rakaat of Watr.  In quantity also you can pray Salat Al-Layl by reciting Hamd without Sure. Also you can pray Salat Al-Layl lie-down or sitting down. The Qunoot also is Mustahab and you can reciting a Salawat.
About the time also you can pray it after Eisha prayer until fajr prayer. furthermore you can do Qaza before Fajr and Zuhr prayer.
I kindly have to remind you to not give up and try to build up on it and do not be satisfied with the minimums.
Best regards!
Sheikh Madani.