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What would be the kaffara for breaking mahe Ramadan fast by foreplay with Hindu girlfriend.


I’m a 26 year old Muslim man.
In the year 2010, during the month of Ramadan, I did foreplay activities with my Hindu female friend but no intercourse, this happened multiple times, maybe 3 times I remenber.
In 2016 when I started earning, for Kaffarah, I gave money (equivalent to feed 180 people for 3 kaffarah) to a mosque Imam who said that he will give that money to a needy woman for her daughter’s marriage.
But then I came to know that this kaffarah would be invalid because firstly I have to keep 60 fasts continuously.
Alhamdulillah I have the strength of keeping 60 fasts continuously but I don’t have the courage, I work in a company and there are frequent lunch, also my family members will come to know why I am fasting 60 continuous days.
Then in Ramadan in the year 2017, I started chatting online with Muslim women on internet and did naked video calls while being in fast which might have again spoiled my fasts.
I’m deeply shameful to tell all this but I only want to explain my problem and get a solution so that I can get my peace of mind.
Now my question is, If my previous kaffarah (giving money equivalent to feed 180 poor people) is not accepted by ALLAH, and I do not fast 60 continuous days, will I become a kaafir ???

Please answer.
Jazak ALLAH Khair


Waalykum salam
Thank you for your Question

You do not become kafir. All you have to do is to try and fast 2 months continuously, and if your unable to do that, you have to feel 60 poor people at one time.

You must go and pay the Kaffarah at your Marjas office and none other.The amount cannot be used for any other purpose.

Brother, I feel you need to take things seriously and increase your understanding of Islam and Allah the Almighty.
A person maybe able to compensate his lost fast by kaffara but how can one face Allah with such grave sins?!?

All of us are sinful, we are to keep that hope in Allah for his forgiveness and at the same time, try our utmost in keeping the them away.

The fact that you’re writing, shows that deep down you have this love and sense of responsibility towards your Lord. InshaAllah it grows more.

I hope you settle soon and have a wonderful life with your wife.