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What would be the Human shape in spiritual world


Esselamu aleykum

I will ask about something that has completely disappointed me in my life in regards of everything possible. I’ve fallen into depression for years and there is no solution. I’ve read many testimonies and heard stories about people who were able to see the real shape of human souls. The problem is all those people said that they saw all people around them in animal or some other awful shape, especially painful is that they saw people around kaba in Mekkah or in the haram of imams in those shapes. It hurts me because now I know that we all look actually like that, and that it doesnt matter all those good things we do and effort we put. We are never praise worthy. In one story I read that an Arif saw himself in an awful shape. Then what about all the other people. Because, if it was possible to get pure, atleast someone would get pure. I wish there was someone who can see the spiritual world that I can talk to, because it’s not possible to live like this. Thank you


Alaykum Al-Salam

First you must know many of such stories are fake and go around because people tend to like weird stuff. Allah is Satir Al-Uraat (covers the sins). Also in all that stories there are people with human faces so it is not impossible. If we purify our soul from every possible vice we would be in human face. however these shapes are the face of our soul according to our Ahadith. These are the shape of our action and because of that it could change in a second. according to Ahadith the shape of human soul which follow the right belief system is like light.
after all when some thing is hard, the solution is to try harder not getting depressed.
Best regards!
Sheikh Madani