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What would a dead person be called who drowned and died?


If a person drowned  and died after he was rescued, Will he be called as dead or will he be called a Shaheed?

Another  question,  if your loved one dies, who was about to send his parents for a marriage proposal after a few weeks then what  should be done for him? Or will we meet in Jannah ?


Salamun Alaykum

Thank you for your query.

We do have a hadith which says a person who drowns is a shaheed. There are ahadith which state that a person who dies in the following manner is a shaheed such as: who has burnt and died, a pregnant women who dies during delivery, the one who does Amr bil Maroof(enjoins goodness) and nahi anil Munkar(forbidding wrong and evil), person who dies because of defending a momin brother or neighbor.

So we have these ahadith but the main criteria is one’s actions and deeds and the intention.

Pharoah(Firaun) was also drowned, can we call him a shaheed? A pirate who wanted to rob the ship but drowned, can we call him a shaheed as well? Of course not.

It should be noticed that it all depends on the actions and intention. If a person goes with a bad intention and his journey is journey of sin and drowns then definitely he will not be known as a shaheed.

The rulings of shaheed don’t apply to these sorts of deaths, that means Kafan(shroud) and Ghusl must be given to these dead bodies whereas a shaheed who has fought and was martyred in the way of Allah(swt) doesn’t require ghusl and kafan.

People who have died in this way will get the reward of shaheed keeping the above conditions in mind.


Syed Haider