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what will happen of those who dont believe imamat


Most important question and only real question

Is it possible to go to paradise without the belief in imamat of 12 infallible divinely appointed imams.But we practically see that majority population of this world havent heard even the names of twelve jews christians hindus sikhs etc.then we see that even among muslims vast majority of all subsects of sunnis have no belief in imamat like twelver when we see among shhiites only twelvers believe in imamat of 12 divinely appointed fallible imams.ismailis zaidis have no belief of 12 logical question that naturally comes into ones mind is that majority of muslim scholars believe that only muslims can enter paradise.then even among muslims no sunni can enter paradise denying the imamat of twelve paradise is left only for shhiites but even all shhiites cant enter paradise like zaidis and ismailis such a belief because of which almost all population of world except few twelver shhiites is going to hell should have been explicitly explained by God in his it comprehensible that God will send almost all population to hell on basis of a belief that he didnt explain clearly in quran?and frankly tell if a hindu sikh jew christian atheist is given translation of quran will he be able to understand the correct belief in twelve imams?



Salaamun Alaykum.

Thank you for your question. Islam is an inclusive religion which means that it is possible for non-Muslims and non-Shias to attain salvation and felicity in the hereafter if certain conditions are fulfilled. Please see: Tribes Not heard of Islam for more details.

Fi Amanillah,