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What was the hair length of Mola Ali(A.S)


Ya Ali (A.S)Madad.
What was the hair length of Mola Ali(A.S)


Waalaykum al-Salam

Thank you for your question.

Followin is what I found in historical texts:

Muhammad Ibn Al-Hanafiyyah Describes His Father

Describing the physical features of his father, Muhammad ibn Al-Hanafiyyah is reported to have said,

He (i.e. Imam Ali) was of medium height. His eyebrows were thin and long. His eyes were big and beautiful. His face was as shiny as full moon. His skin was little bit brown. He was hairless except on the backside of his head, which was covered with a line of hair like a wreath. His neck was as white as a silver vessel. His neck and abdomen were great.

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