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What to Recite to Get Rid of Fear



Sir I am having different types of fears (waswsa) about my psychological health that I may have got some disease but in reality I am having no symptoms of that disease. I want to ask you that can I recite “Al Momino ” to get rid of these fears because I have heard that one should not recite names of Allah without having permission of ulama.


Alaykum Salaam.

Yes you may recite it insha’Allah and we pray that you get well soon.
You may do the Wazifa but it’s always best to check whether it is coming
from an authentic source, because if any Wazifa is not based on Quran and
authentic hadith, it may not have much value (apart from being allowed to
do with the intention of getting the pleasure of Allah (swt).)


With Salaams and Duas
Mirza Noorul Hasan