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What to do when we envy other by mistake ?


Salam Brother,
I usually have a habit of being jealous with other since my child. Once I came to know as soon as my envy have a very Bad effect on others I tried to avoid as much as possible like accident of my friend and brother so on.

After that at certain situations I envy other without my conscious. I feel sad and don’t know how to how to stop it from having effects on others. I am really desperate to know about it since I don’t want to harm other in any ways as possible.

May Allah Bless you for Helping me.


Wa Alaikum al-salam

Thanks for your question

It is great that you have such a good sense of compassion and responsibility. In islamic sources there is no such thing as bad effects of jealousy on others, actually the greatest problem in jealousy happens for jealous person, not those that s/he is jealous of. but there are other thing that might effect others life like “Evil Eye” (which is a sort of gaze and look with surprise and wonder that could have malicious effects on others; even Quran mentions “Evil Eye” in 68:51 “Indeed the faithless almost devour you with their eyes when they hear this Reminder,”
in lots of hadith/narrations mentioned evil eye as well for example prophet sawa said “evil eye puts healthy man into grave…” or imam sadiq a.s said “if the truth in cemeteries revealed you will know that most of people are died because of evil eye…” etc. so Evil Eye is true but recognizing it won’t be easy; but if that is your problem (when something or someone makes you wonder,bad things happen) you can do the following:
1. Remembering Allah swt: prophet sawa said: evil eye is real so whenever anyone of you felt marveled by something from his brother remember Allah swt
2. Try not to pry into others life
3. Repeat “Masha’allah” alot regularly or whenever you saw something that amase you
4. Recite ayah 67:51 of Quran
5. Every time you think that bad things is going to happen for someone give sadaqah(charity) on their behalf
6. Recite “ayatul kursi” (2:255)
7.Say “la haula walakuata illabillah aliyil adzim”
8. Recite these for surahs daily: fatiha, ikhlas, an-nas, al-falaq

Inshallah it will be over and no harm will come to you or other.

Sheikh Mahdi Mosayyebi