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Some one cursed Islam on youtube what should I do?


Assalam Alaikum. Yesterday some one commented on a YouTube
Video that muslims should be killed by using a nuclear bomb. I replied to his comment and told him that he was an idiot. And then we went into a long debate. In his last reply he cursed Islam.
Now what should I reply ? Should I also curse him. Should I say “go to hell” what should I do? Please reply.


Waalykum salam

Thank you for your Question

So such comments are all over the place and it shouldn’t really bother you. But if you feel, That it is a crucial place to answer, and you as a Muslim are obliged to answer that comment, then you should do so very systematically.

It is good to remember that being pro-active is better than being reactive! Otherwise there won’t be much difference between the two of you.

So instead of saying the word you started off with, you were better of asking him to explain Islam to you.

Because if he understood islam well, he wouldn’t comment as he did. And if he wasn’t able to explain Islam then your simple advice would be ‘please have full Information before your comment or label others’

In The end you could attach a few sites where he could get that information.

So keeping your calm and thinking wisely before replying is the best strategy

Kind regards