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What to do if you are in doubt of junub


I woke up at morning for prayers and started offering my fajr, during my prayers I touched my clothes and I felt like I’m in state of janoob because my clothes were Abit dirty, don’t know what it was exactly. As it was end of time for fajr prayer time So should I continue my prayers or leave it?



Thank you for your question. Below is the ruling for identifying semen. If the moistness was not from semen, there is no need to stop praying.

Ruling 345. If some fluid comes out of the penis and the man does not know whether it is semen, urine, or something else – in the event that it comes out with three characteristics: it is accompanied by lust, it comes out with a gush, and one’s body feels weak after it has come out – then that fluid is ruled as being semen; and if none of these three characteristics are present or if even one of them is not, it is not ruled as being semen. However, in the case of a sick person, it is not necessary that the fluid comes out with a gush or that at the time of coming out his body feels weak; rather, if the only characteristic present is that it comes out with lust, it is ruled
as being semen.

May you always be successful

Zoheir Ali.