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Failed Love



Sir i am a medical student in bahawalpur pakistan. I am in third year now. I fell in love with a girl in first year. Ofcourse it didnt happen all of a sudden. At first we were acquaintance and then we got closer by the passage of time. Now we broke apart because she a sayyad..bukhari sayyad and i am a sunni. She told me her parents wont marry me outside sayyads. Although we had a wonderful understanding. We never fought. But we moved away because we couldnt marry. Now i am trying to forget her but in some way she comes back to my mind but this happens in a strange way. Sometimes she would come into view in college..sometines..a close friend of hers..and..even her roll number would pop up from somewhere. Even when on road i often see her roll number 362 on number plate…or somewhere on penaflex etc. Often i see the name andleeb somewhere. These things do come across me often. Conincidence happens once or twice.but this is happening continuously. What do you make of this?



It seems in ur subconscious level u haven’t been able to remove her and u feel u can still get her… thus u seem to connect everything u see with
Probably if it’s possible make a try to ask the parents of the girl to allow marriage between the two of you.
At least in this way you will be able to assure yourself that you have tried your best to get what you want in an Islamic way.
In 2:216 God says many a times you like something but its not good for you…..
Try your best …if you don’t get her know that there is khayr for you..