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Assalamualikum respected sir.I have a problem since december 2018 when i actually started practicing deen. from december to till now i have’nt miss my salah i started to memorize the Quran. but from day one i got waswas which leaded me to depression and anxiety i cannot study i cannot do anything and these wsawas remain with me all the time. i don’t know what to do. i started to be scared from death but i have listened that a MOMIN does not fear from death. all entire day all these kufriya wsawas and scary stuffs are going through my mind.when i wan’nt practicing deen i had a strong faith on Allah but after that i don’t know why i am losing my faith day by day that is very heart breaking for me. always always my heart says something bad is going to be happen , something bad is going to be happen… but i say HASBIALLAH or AMANTUBILLAH but don’t know why that depression and anxiety don’t vanishes. i don’t miss salah instead but my greater fear is that may be i am going to lose my faith with is a medical student and my exams are gonna come i can’t even study due these wsawas. every thime when i say that i believe in Allah for all my matters its like someone is saying to me hey! its all belongs to mind power and non muslims can Also do anything using law of attraction without believing in Allah (NAUZUBILLAH). respected shykh please please help me for the sake of emaan is getting weaker and weaker what should i do? This fear of death. These kufriya wsawas are making me a weak muslim.


Bismillah ArRahman ArRaheem 

Wa-Alaykum As Salaam
Firstly congratulations on taking this important step.
Secondly, know that shaytan has been become very disappointed in you and has doubled his efforts on you and wiswas is one of his biggest weapons.  You should try to avoid them and know the limits between reasonable doubts and wiswas.
Fearing death is normal for everyone – to fear death because you fear not having had enough good deeds to overcome your bad is not the same as fearing death by non-believers….
When you say your eman is becoming weaker know that shaytan is doing his best to make you believe that.  Continue to pray, and to memorise the Holy Qur’an!   They will protect you eventually and over time.  Let them be part of your flesh and blood so that shaytan has less and less of an effect on you.  It is a struggle, keep fighting!
Sayed Sameer Hakim