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What should we do so that our family happily accept our marriage


Assalam o alaikum..

I like my first cousin , she lives in muzaffar garh city, my age is 40 and her age is 44, we love each other very much , we understand each other, its our believe that we can live happily if we marry each other, but our family members are against, she is a nice lady regular in namaz and very clean and loving natured, I want to marry her and she wants to marry me, please tell us what we do so that our family member happily accept this relation.


Wa alaykum Salam

Thank you for your question.

Usually life doesn’t work according to our wishes and we have to fight the obstacles  on our way to be able to reach the desired goal.

Considering the age group you belong to,you should be able to understand the mentality of your families and accordingly try and convince them.

You can also ask a reliable person around you to speak to then.

If you pray to Allah and have tawakkul on Him,there is no doubt He will help.

Duas do miracles.  Make sure you pray and ask Allah by the waseela of 14 Masoomeen. Reciting salawat constantly is also very helpful.

May Allah solve your problem.

Our prayers are with you

Sukaina Taqavi