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What should the husband do, when his wife has broken his trust…


My wife broke my trust. We are married since 3 years. She has connections with another person on phone. What should I do , Kindly explain. My final decision is divorced.


Al-Salam Alaykum
Thank you for your question

First, try to talk to her openly. sometimes it is much worst in your mind and the truth is not that horrifying.

Secondly, if she could explain her behaviour, try to understand her. if there is a reasonable explanation for her action if you can solve her problem, try to save her. Opening the gate of understanding and dialogue is the best way for saving the marriage.  Make the environment of your home friendly and discuss your marital life issues. Make sure she feels comfortable to talk with you about anything.

Third, seek help from a consultant who knows your Islamic and cultural background, especially if you know a Sheik / Aalmim who can also guide using psychology.

Fourth, If you see she wants something out of Islamic boundaries remind her of the hereafter and the consciousness of such action. if she can not accept it, You can consider the feasibility of your last option.

Best regards!
Sayyid Madani