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What should I do with the profit I received on zakat money kept in a savings account?



I have two questions:
Question 1:
Can I keep my savings in Meezan saving account. The fitwa on Meezan bank website clearly states that we can do it.

Question 2:
My brother has sent me some amount for Zakat, in this saving account. At the end of month, I got some profit on investment in Meezan account. Now what should I do with some profit amount:
i) Is it halal to withdraw it (most important question)
ii) Should I include this in Zakat amount
iii) Should I give it in Sadaqa
iv) Should I give it to my brother (who is not taking it)
v) Should I keep take it myself (which I don’t deserve in any case)

Thank you very much


Salaamun alaykum

Yes you are allowed to keep your savings in the bank. But as for the profit, you will have to include it in the zakat money and cannot keep it for yourself.

Zahra Davdani.