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What should a daughter do when her father is doing something wrong?


I am asking this question in turmoil . We are 4 siblings 3 daughters and 1 brother . I am eldest and doing my specialisation in medicine .This issue is that of my father .We were raised well he took care of us in all aspects .But one thing we saw that he always had extra marital relations with other women be it just friend or more i know not . He is 60 plus .went through severe illness heart attack, was put on a ventilator in 2014 .W e prayed for his recovery and i took care of him with all my strength n so did my siblings and mom. We thought and prayed now he will realise and be inclined to pray n forgiveness from God.  but just as he recovered he started meeting a women who is herself divorced, has 4 kids of her own who are grown up .Every evening he goes to their home and he is more involved with them than us . I had argument with him on this too. we all tried to show him he is doing wrong . My mother has always been very patient and she has lost all the will to even reason with him . Recently,that woman’s elder son is getting married and my father brought invitation card at home .Now he started pushing me to attend the ceremony with him .I said to him no but he keeps asking the same thing .when I reasoned with him with what relation should i go there he was quiet. Tell me what does Islam say regarding this situation? .As a daughter I am in so much pain .I am 29 year old and unmarried and I hate the fact that he is least bothered about us siblings instead he helped that women prepare everything for her children’s wedding and what more is that all his time is spent there .It is extremely shameful to me .and then he is asking me to attend their wedding .Tell me What should a daughter do when the father is wrong n asking something wrong . I need your answer .
Thank you


Al-Salam Alaykum

I know it is a tough exam for you and your family. You must keep the respect for your father. nonetheless, This does not mean you must follow his order, if it is Haram. Be respectful toward him all the time. Refuse his unreasonable request in a kind, respectful and rational way. Try to raise his parental emotion and show him you are the ones connected to him by blood.

Also as I understand you do not need his financial and physical support.  learn from your mother. Ignoring him is one way for you to keep your peace.

Also, if he has done a Mutah or Nikah with her, then she is his legal second wife. however, if he hasn’t done any of the above then the relation is haram.

best regards!
AAA team under the guidance of Sayyid Madani