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what is the Sunnat way of doing house warming in new house


Assalamualaikum I am moving to a new house within a week please tell me what is the Sunnat way of doing house warming function can we boil milk in the new home can we invite people for a lunch. Is it allowed to take few things like mirror salt lamp rice to our new house??


Waalykum Salam

Congratulation with your moving.
May Allah bring a lot of blessing and joy upon you in your new place and that you’re able to be a shelter servant to the Amighty.
It is highly recommended to give a ‘Walimah’ upon buying a new house and moving into it.
If there are worries that are bothering you then you may give good charity and feed the poor.
Apart from the above, nothing that I came across with the things you mentioned. You can certainly do everything.
InshaAllah all goes well.
Kind regards