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What is the Ruling on missed fasting for many years.


I’m 17 yrs old now ,I have never fasted the whole 30 days of any Ramadan, I have missed so many fasting that if I had re-fast for them then I should like keep fasting for my whole life and now next Ramadan is near with only 45 days ,what should I do now??? And my parents won’t leave me to fast even in these 45 days to catch up with my left over fast cuz I’m having my exams going on..


Salamun Alaykum

I appreciate you are trying to fulfill your islamic responsibilities so we don’t stay in debt.

You will have to do the following things:

Count the number of fasts you have missed;
Pay the kaffarah(penalty) for leaving every single fast;
Perform the qadha of the fasts whenever possible

Remember Satan will never want us to fulfill our duties but Allah loves the youth who turns towards Him more than the old person. Count yourself as the lucky ones who has been guided and want to walk on the straight path. Allah swt will definitely help you.

Some of the rulings regarding the qada(missed) fasts according to Ayatullah al-Udhma Sayyid Ali Sistany:

Ruling 1667. If someone has qadā fasts left over from a number of previous Ramadans, it does not matter which Ramadan he keeps qadā fasts for first. However, if the time for the qadā of the last Ramadan is short – for example, he has to keep five qadā fasts from the last month of Ramadan and only five days remain until the beginning of the next Ramadan – it is better that he keeps the qadā fasts for the last Ramadan first.

Ruling 1675. If a person is negligent in keeping qadā fasts until the time [before the next Ramadan] becomes short, and in the shortage of time a legitimate excuse arises, he must make them up; and based on obligatory precaution, he must also give one mudd of food to a poor person for each day. The same applies if after the excuse expires he decides to make up his fasts but before he does so, a legitimate excuse arises in the short time [remaining before Ramadan].

Ruling 1678. If a person delays keeping the qadā fasts of the month of Ramadan for a few years, he must make them up; and for the first year’s delay, he must give one mudd of food to a poor person for each missed fast [as kaffārah]; however, for the delay in the later years, there is no obligation on him.(1)

(1) For example, if someone has to make up one fast and he delays making it up for three years, he must give one kaffārah [i.e. one mudd of food] to a poor person, not three kaffārahs.

Please pay attention to the following to count the fasts and qadha:

Count the fasts you have missed since you became Baligh. Let’s say you became Baligh 2 years ago and 2 months of Ramadhan came in these two years then that becomes almost 60 fasts. And if you had fasted 15 fasts in each year then that means out of 60 fasts you have completed 30 fasts. The remaining 30 fasts are the ones which you haven’t fasted
The 30 missed fasts should be performed as Qadha whenever possible
If the 30 missed fasts were due to the illness, travelling(less than 10 days) then only 750 grams of kaffarah to be paid for each day
But if the 30 missed fasts were missed intentionally then the kaffarah has to be paid that is either;
Fast 60 fasts for one single missed fast so in your case if you have missed 30 fasts, it will be 30*60 = 1,800 fasts
Or feed 60 poor people for every single fast missed so that is 750 grams(one mudd food) * 60 poor people = the amount in your country or any country you want to pay.
Let’s say feeding one poor person (750 grams/one mudd of food) costs $1, then feeding 60 will cost $60. so $60 is the kaffarah for leaving ONE single and if you have 30 missed fasts then $60*30 = $1,800 has to be paid.

I hope the above calculation method will help you calculate your missed fast and decide how much kaffarah you have to pay. If you don’t have the amount of kaffarah to pay now, you can pay whenever you are able to pay.

Ruling 1653. One must not be negligent in giving kaffārah; however, it is not necessary to give it immediately.

Stay steadfast and you will be able to perform the Qadha and pay kaffarah. In sha Allah you will fulfill your responsibility and get great reward for it.


Syed Haider