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What is the Hukum on adultery with mahram


Assalam Alaykum.

There is something I really wants to ask but subhanallah I’m very ashamed to ask about it , but in islam we should not be ashamed to ask anything in deen so Bismillah

There is one muslim girl. She is young and after her fathers death her mother married with another man who legally in Islam becomes her mahrem(stepfather). Before her mother married with this man,  she wanted to marry him but she didnt tell anyone about later her mom married hi. M. and after the marriage she continued to commit some adultery haraam actions with the (stepfather). She sometimes tried to seduce him in ways. and the man in the beggining told her to leave him and to fear Allah, as if shiataan might weaken him more because of the stepdaughters seducive actions infront of him. but later on the man also happened to do some adultery actions with her. like kissing, looking at eachother in seducive ways and touching. but Alhamdulilah zina did not happen between them. before anything like zina happened between them they stopped doing whatever they did and made tawbah to allah. Inshallah may Allah forgive them and gives them hidayat. so this sister is feeling very guilty and bad now as she is young and wants to get married but she thinks to herself now no one will marry a girl like her and she wants some advice for her. And also she really wants to know if in deen islam there will be any hukum for the girl and her stepfather for the immoral actions happened between them. if they dint commit zina also will there be a hukum for them in islam?. She wants to know about it more because from an article she read it says if any haraam acts happens between the stepfather and the stepdaughter her mother and the girl will be haraam for the man(stepfather/husband… and if it does not include intercorse between them also the girl and her mom will be haraam for him.. she wants to know about this if its how in deen really,I’m very very ashamed and to ask such a question but this girl is really desperated and in need of help to know about this from a scholar. can you please for the sake of allah help ths girl by answering these questions.. baarakallah feekum.. May Allah forgives the and us all for our sins..



Salaamun alaykum

Thank you for your question.
The sister was very fortunate that Allah (swt) gave her the tawfiq to repent for the sin that she committed.
She should thank Allah for this tawfiq and sincerely repent and never repeat any such act. And Allah is All-forgiving, He forgives those who repent very quickly.
And if she wants to get married, there is no need for her to tell her future husband what she did because confessing your sins to anyone other than Allah is prohibited.
And her step father is not haraam on her mother and their marriage is still valid.
We seek refuge to Allah from the temptations of shaytan.
Kind regards,