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Essence Of Mutah


Asalam Aleykum,

This issue has bothered me for a long while now as I know people who interpret Mutah differently My question is: Can Mutah solely be done for the purpose of fulfilling excessive desire and Lust?

The keyword here being excessive,For example, Is it halal if a person has frequent sex with different women by doing mutah and he keeps the mutah only for the duration of the sexual act?

Personally I don’t think this is right as actions are judged based on intentions. But I know a lot of people who are fine as long as Mutah is done and therefore I refer this question to you…


Alaykum Salaam

Mut’a by definition is a marriage that is contracted to satisfy the sexual desire in a halal manner and may be used if a permanent marriage or Nikah is not possible.

While still valid if its conditions are observed, Mut’a was not meant for misusing to just have a variety of temporary liaisons.

Kind regards

Abbas Jaffer