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What is radde mazalim and what are its rulings?


I want to know the definition and purpose of Radde Mazalim, and how its done; along with its rulings.




Radde madhalim basically is an ‘amanah’, meaning a deposit, in ones hands. According to the Islamic law, the ‘amanah’ has to be returned to its rightful owner or a permission to possess it should be taken. If one is unable to identify the owner of the ‘amanah’ , the possessor of the ‘amanah’, with the permission of his ‘marj’a’, should give the ‘amanah’ as sadqah- alms to the needy, and or give the amount equivalent to it (as charity-alms).

  • Person wishing to pay ‘Radde madhalim’ should give the exact amount of the ‘amanah ’ and in case of not knowing the exact amount, he should then pay the amount that he believes (has ‘yaqin’) it to be so. In case of a person who is completely unable to tell the amount or approximate it, he should then pay sum of 1/5 of an amount- counted as haram -as alms. This again should be done after obtaining the permission of his respective marj’a.


  • The purpose of paying ‘rade madhalim’ is to clear a debt that one is holding by possessing a deposit. This is one of the referents of ‘haq-un-nas’ 

Question & Answer on this topic

Q: Is it necessary to obtain permission of Marj’a for paying Radde madhalim?

A: yes, based on obligatory precaution

Q: Pls explain radde madhalim ?

A: It’s a disbursement or a spending done by one on behalf of another person whose deposit happens to be in his hands and is unable to locate the owner or his inheritors (to return the deposit to the rightful owner).