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Salam. Is “Barzakh” different from the questioning and squeezing of the grave??. Because we are told that Barzakh is entire separate world, while the questioning and squeezing would be in the confines of the Grave. Please clarify.



Salaamun Alaykum

Thank you for your question. Broadly speaking, three worlds or levels of existence have been mentioned: the material world, the spiritual world and a world in-between these two which is referred to as ‘barzakh’ since it has some properties of both these worlds. The grave, squeezing of the grave, questioning in the grave and similar phrases when mentioned in our ahadith, are usually referring to ‘barzakh’ and not the physical, material grave made from mud etc…
Imam Sadiq (a) was once asked what barzakh was. He replied: “The grave from the time of death until the day of judegment”.

Fi Amanillah,