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What happens to pet birds after death?



I had posted this question earlier but Im not sure if you received it as I did not get a notification, hence I’m writing again.

I had a pet parrot that passed away recently and it left quite an impact on us as we were very close. It got me wondering that what happens to pets, in this case, my parrot, after they pass away?

I had read an answer to a question here about rabbits which said that the owner will be able to meet the rabbit in Jannah/hereafter but i didn’t know about my bird and wanted to be sure before i assumed anything.

I also wanted to ask that just like we send the sawab of Fatihas and Nazr to our Marhumeens, is there anything of similar sorts that I can do for my pet so that they know that I’m thinking/remembering them? I understand that the concept hadiya/sawab etc would be different for animals so wanted to check.

I sincerely apologies for the immaturity of my question and look forward to receiving your response soon.

Thank you


Alaykum Al-Salam

first I must tell you don’t loose this kindness toward other creation of Allah. your question shows the kindness in your heart and Allah loves this. your question is not immature; It is kind! Prophet said Allah give heaven to somebody just because he gave water to a thirsty dog!

In heaven there will be what you wished for. so you can have your parrot there. but because animals don’t have Sawab or sin there is not use for sending Fatiha for it. try to better yourself to get to the higher levels of heaven. If you reach there do Shafaat for me as well.

best regards!
Sayyid Madani