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What does our Fiqh say about Owls ?


Aoa dear sir/madam

I  contacted you few months back and I told you that 3 owls (ullu) came at night and sat on electricity wires outside my house in Pakistan. You told me it is ok but after few days my father become ill and could not survive. Unfortunately he is not with us now. Is this incident  related to those owl? In my opinion, YES .Is their something which will effect me or my family?  Please, tell me what our fiqa and IMMAMS say about this? Moreover any other information needed will be provided. Jazakallah


Waalykum salam,

Thank you for your question
And I’m so sorry to hear about your fathers demise. May Allah bless him with the best InshaAllah. And give you all patience over the loss.

In my humble opinion, and ofcourse in the Islamic point of view, the coming of the owls is not the cause of your fathers death. Death and life is in Allah (az)’s hands and only He is capable of deciding over the matters.
Your father was meant to leave you on that particular day and he did so.

However, we are not denying that animals maybe able to see many other things that we don’t. Although, we will never be able to prove or disprove this.
Hence, we don’t have any motive to base your fathers death on the presence of the owl.

I also clearly remember suggesting to give charity ‘_sadaqah_’, which is known to put off and keep away any calamity (_balaa_), even death.

InshaAllah this explanation helps,
Kinds Regards,