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What does it mean when you have no control over yourself and you are being drawn to a person not physically but by heart


What does it means when you have no control on yourself and you are being drawn to a person not physically but by heart and you think that this is the person you have always prayed for like your prayers are being answered? And you feel like Allah has made that person for you? Even you know that there might be no future together but still you feel like you should try once. How to know that why this all is happening?


Waalaykum al-Salam
Thank you for your question.

What you’re feeling is quiet natural and normal. Allah has made our intrinsic nature in such a way that we have this inclination and attraction towards the opposite gender. He made us so, so that the human race continues. He made this natural inclination so that  a man and a woman get attracted to one another and make a family together.

However, just like everything else in Islam, Allah gave us guidance on how to use this blessing. It is haram to have feeling towards Non-Mahram, look at them with haram intentions…etc  But he also told us how to make the best use of this feeling and express it to our Mahram (husband/wife).

Therefore, what you are feeling is quiet normal. However, having the feeling towards a particular person- who is still not your mahram- is haram and entails a lot of other evil. Therefore, we suggest you speak to your family, if you are of the age, and see what they have to say about your choice and may be also send a proposal for marriage or find a way to sort this out.

If you’re not of the age, then dear young one. Let not these feelings ruin your life. These feelings are extremely important and holy. You need to make use of it in the right time and place. Which is not now. Therefore, save them for later use and keep them safe for your spouse. Keep busy and engage in a lot of activities and you will certainly see the benefit of them when you finally meet your spouse.

Hope this helps.