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What can be the possible reason for my brother not being able to Marry and find a Job.



I have two VERY important questions:
1)I have brother who is in his 40s and he is having problem in marrying, Each time a proposal comes, for some reason they say they will come back with answer but they never came. It happened more then 30 times right now. He has a good heart and a kind human-begin who always try to help others. What should we/ I do? Any recommendations for supplication ?

2) I have a friend who’s husband is jobless, each time he applied for a job he either was not accepted or he did not lasted long there. Why is that? He also is very kind and modest and trustworthy along with religious person. What can be the reason? Any supplication?


Wa Alaykumussalam

Thank you for your question

1. Keep trying and look for the reasons why the girl’s family are not returning. Is it because of your high expectations or expectations from the other side, or cultural difference, or the age etc. Look deeper into it while being neutral to know where the problem lies. And also see if you people started looking for girls when your brother’s age had already gone up or before he turned 30.

On the other hand increase the Tawakkul in God and Tawassul with Ahlul Bayt(as).

Pray 5 times a day, recite Quran every day, pay your debts if any. Recite as many tasbeeh of Salawat, Istighfaar etc and send it’s reward to Ahlul Bayt so they help you out in this matter(with the permission of Allah).

Recite Hadithe Kisa, and pray Namaz Jafar Tayyar(whenever possible) to open the ways for you. Also try to read adhaan loudly once at house at any namaz time so the sound surrounds the house.


2. Due to the pandemic, millions of people have become jobless. Sometimes it becomes difficult to find a suitable job. But I would suggest to start with at least a normal job to refrain from staying jobless and once he gets a normal job, later he can apply for a good one.

Regarding the reason you will have to specify yourself, either it would be because of lack of experience as the companies would require more experience or maybe the companies are not hiring new employees due to the pandemic.

But never be hopeless. Keep trying and sending your CV to different companies through different sources and start with a normal work.

Along with these, recite the supplications and namaz mentioned above in the first answer.

May Allah(swt) grant success in both matters.


Syed Haider