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What are the rulings regarding transgender people (those that are born with one sex but do not identify as that gender)? Is it allowed for them to have sex changing surgery, or take hormones to change their sex? Is hijab required in front of someone you know to have transformed into another sex (ex: they used to be male but are now female, do you do hijab in front of them?)


Salamun Alaykum

Ayatullah Sistani challenges the notion of sex change by saying that true gender re-assignment is not yet possible; so a man cannot be given the reproductive capacity of women. He argues that what is possible is to make cosmetic changes to the outward appearance by surgery and medication.

Consequently the person is not truly changed in their gender.

There are cases where there is ambiguity in gender and these can be assigned to one or the other after seeking medical advice.

Kind regards

Abbas Jaffer