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What are the rights of parents on their daughter, after her marriage??


Asalam u alaikum
I played the  role of son In my father business and running the house, I am eldest . I got married where I dint leave my house and my  husband had to come and stay with me in Muscat from Pakistan,  because my parents asked that ,later here  I got  seprated and  had my own same business without harming my Dad’s business, now he is angry with me on doing so ,importantly he seems angry with all I do though I try my best not to make him angry He still wants me to help him for my brothers they are adult 22 & 24 but have not taken any responsiblity, I have guilt that he isnt happy, though there is no  reason for it,  is it gunnah on me ? My husband thinks I should think about my family I have 2 young kids and beacuse of this I keep my self stressed my parents love me but they are always angry on me.

Walaykum salaam
Thank you for your question.
It is very nice to know that you are a responsible daughter and are trying your best to respect and understand the feelings of your father.
Maybe it is because of this valuable act, Allah has put barakah in your work and you were able to establish your own business. Sometimes its due to the good children do to their parents and the duas parents do for their children, Allah bestows His special blessings on the children.
I think you can help your father and have your own business at the same time.
I suggest you speak to him and let him know you care for him and are worried about him. You should also remind him that you also have a husband and children you have to take care of. Tell him you are ready to help him by guiding your brothers in their work until they are responsible enough to take up the work themselves. In return, he has to oblige his sons to take up the responsibility.
If this doesn’t work, then your first duty as  a woman is to fulfill the needs of your husband and your children.
 Despite of this, make sure you look after your father and let him know you are always there for him.
InshaAllah Allah will make things easy for you as your intentions are pure.
Sukaina Taqawi.