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What are the responsibility of daughters, about their mother who is living alone?


Kindly could you advise if a mother has married
Daughters and no son. Now she is alone in the house and all are out of city and country. What are the obligations for daughters? She wants to live in her house only and does not want to go to  any daughter’s  house.
We dont want to leave her alone but some problems exists that we cant go back and live there.
Could you please direct the best way.
Thank you


Alaykum Al-Salam

I don’t know if your mother asks you to go and live with her. if she does not ask you, maybe she is more comfortable this way. However if she needs any thing and she can not afford to live by herself it is your duty to help her out. if you can afford to pay her or somehow satisfy her needs(food, clothing etc.), you must do it. Also once in a while try to go and meet her to satisfy her emotional needs.

Best regards!

sayyid Madani