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What are the islamic rulings about an atheist sister when it comes to keeping or cutting ties.


My sister just left Islam for atheism, what are the islamic rulings when it comes to keeping or cutting ties.


Salamun Alaykum

Thank you for your query.

In general, talking to an atheist, it depends on the type of communication and how strong your beliefs are.  If you are somewhat firm in your beliefs and you reached these beliefs through research and you are not afraid of being influenced, then you should not be afraid of public relations. But if you did not accept your beliefs in a research way and your beliefs are merely imitation and inheritance, before researching and investigating in this field, you should not increase your communication with these people, especially in theological discussions. But if you have to communicate, manage in such a way that you are not exposed to the suspicions of these people.

But as you said it is your sister, the relationship between siblings should not be cut off unless you feel danger for your beliefs, otherwise it shouldn’t be cut off. (however, ties can be maintained in different forms such as message and chat)

It would be very good if you can have influence on your sister or encourage her to speak to the experts in this case. And if you do not have expertise in theology or can’t speak to your sister then you should show affection and love towards her and never engage in discussions with her.

I would highly recommend you to read the books regarding belief(Theology). One of the easiest books to understand which covers all the topics is:

You can also find the detailed theology books with the discussions in more depth but I would recommend you to start reading the easy books. This way, you can increase your knowledge and if required you can also speak to her.

One of the main reasons for a person to become atheist is the lack of knowledge. If the person learns more about God and the Usul-e-Deen(roots of religion), he would understand that he had gone away from Allah just because of this ignorance and lack of knowledge. Hence, learning the theology and Aqaid and understanding it in the proper way would prevent us from deviating from the righteous path.

You can search for lectures and books on theology on ( site, such as on:

May Allah(swt) grant you success and keep us on the right path


Syed Haider