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Weird experience in our house


i want to share a problem with you. almost 1 month ago me and my brother, my mother are sitting in lounge then door of lounge knocked violently for about 30 second we thought it was due to wind but when we checked there was no wind at that day and then we heard knock on the other door which is from washing lobby to lounge of same frequency. after this we never heard this knock but 2-3 days ago we heard same kind of knock on both door and same day no wind was running on that day and now today we heard the same knock. please tell us why there was knock on the door. Note: lounge door is separate from main gate and we shifted this house almost 2 years ago.


Wa alaykum salaam

I don’t think I’m in a position to be able to answer your question.
In order to get an accurate answer, it is necessary that you go through all the probabilities.
You should find someone who can closely check and study the environment and conditions surrounding your house.
InshaAllah you will be able to find the cause of this problem.

Sukaina Taqawi.