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Wedding Before Chehlum


There is a family wedding scheduled before the chelum of Imam Hussain a.s., The only reason its a delimma for me is because this family has been very helpful and supportive of me and my children since after my husband passed away. The other issue is the marriage is between a muslim and non muslim, the family is not very forthcoming about conversion to Islam or that the wedding is a Nikah or not. I would have attended the wedding without any hesitation if it was after the days of mourning as it will be my chance to reciprocate the support and love shown by them. Would my attending a wedding where Nikah is not being performed be okay? Thank you.


It is not forbidden to attend a wedding before the Chehlum of the holy Imam (A) especially for the reasons you describe.

You are not responsible for the Nikah etc. either, but are responsible for your hijab, which should not be compromised by attending the event.

Kind regards

Abbas Jaffer