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Wife has no desire for physical relation


Hi need some guidance
Im 30 years old and married for 12 years got one kid as well I got married at a young age after we had our first kid my wife sex drive died down I used to do zina before because my wife hardly used to come near me. We got opposite sex drives mines really high and she has got no feelings at all. Now it’s been 4 years i haven’t commit zina transformed myself in every way but my wife is still the same she doesn’t let me go nearly her she loves me does everything she needs to do read namaz got no bad habits but she’s got no sex drive at all I just don’t wanna leave her because I’m not getting sex been explaining her for a long time but she won’t listen and there’s no point of saying it anymore as she has got nothing inside her and she would never change. I tried but can’t find anyone who is willing to get married to me and be my second wife. I am proper frustrated watch pornography and masterbate a lot as got no other choice I know that’s bad gunnah but this sex drive drives me crazy and don’t know what to do and I’m committing sin everyday please guide me on that


Waalykum salam

Thank you for your Question

Regardless ones gender and environment, each human has desires for his/her spouse.
I suggest you take your wife for a medical opinion. Maybe there is a hormonal imbalance that’s bothering her moods.

also, it is wise if someone who knows islamic laws well, should speak to your wife about a husbands right on his wife. Because one of the most important right is to pay attention to the husband physical needs. Hence, it is obligatory on her to meet to this.
it will be best if you solved this ASAP so that you can keep away from gunah

I’m sorry if this is not much help, but you certainly need to seek some counseling for your wife.

InshaAllah all Goes well