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We are engaged and want to do Nikha, but our family does not permit and wants us to wait for a year. Please Advice what you think would be the best to do.


Salam , Me and my fiancé got engaged in January of this year.  we want to have nikha done however our family is saying to wait next year however we have started to intimate as we both are young and have feelings. I am aware that is wrong Islamically but when we are together we find it very hard to control ourselves. I am scared that this wrong doing will impact on our future marriage and current life. Please advice what you think would be the best to do.


Waalykum salam

Thank you for your Question

Indeed it is a great sin to have intimacy or any sort of a relation with a Non Mahram for the mater. Allah (az) does not recognize the relation and there is no blessings in it.

I will suggest you get immediate help by:

1- refrain from being in an isolated place with her

2- get your Nikah/Mutah recited asap InshaAllah. You must speak and explain to your family. If they do not understand or deny, you may want to ask an influential person, who your parents listen to, and ask him/ her to speak to them and somehow convince them to Atleast make you Mahrams.

InshaAllah all goes well and you’re able to save this relation with a beautiful- Halal knot.