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wazifa to help in depressed situation


Actually I am really depressed for last 3 years.. I had a relationship with one guy and he is very responsible… Our relationship is pakizah.. not cheap like todaysss…he also told his mother about me… He had a younger sister… But suddenly, a worst situation occurs to him that his sister died in 2017 and it was a sudden death… He became mentally depressed.. after some time, there happens involvement of some people between us… And don’t know how but he leaves me… And 3 years gone… But I am not satisfied yet… Tell me any wazifa plzz…


Waalykum salam

Thank you for your Question.

Any relation with a na-Mahram is not recognized by Allah swt and is haram. Hence one must keep away from such relations. We don’t have any relation in Islam that is known as ‘Pakizah’ Except under marriage.

I’m sorry to hear about what happened to this brother and his sister. Hope he recovers soon.

The best dua would be to Ask to Allah to bless you and him with the best in this world and the next.
You must speak to Allah and ask him to marry you to this brother ONLY IF Allah himself wishes this to happen. This way, you have left the matter to the most strongest being and InshaAllah he will sort your problem in your best interest. Also, recite plenty of salawat and give charity. Because Both eradicate hurdles in ones life.

InshaAllah all Goes well with you.
Kind regards,
Naajiya Jaffery