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Watering of Graves


Salaam Alaykum I wanted a clarification on the issue of watering the grave. Whenever i visit graveyard especially on thursdays i see most people watering grave and they say it is because the azaab in the qabr stops as long as the grave sand is wet. Is this true? Wasalaam


Alaykum Salaam

Thank you so much for your important question.

Indeed the practice of watering the grave is among the recommended acts. The tradition says: “It’s among the prophetic tradition to sprinkle water on a grave while facing the direction of qibla, starting from the spot of the head to the feet” Sheikh Tusi in book al-tahzib, volume 1, page 320.

Another tradition reported from Imam Jafar Al-Sadiq says: ” it reduces the punishment or stops it” Some scholars say: “It’s more recommended during the period of 40 days after one’s departure but there is no harm in doing it now and then when one visit his or her loved ones”

In conclusion, the practice is true

Sheikh Nuru Mohammed