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Watch a dirty movie /picture causes mani to come out, isit najis?


If I see dirty movie and pictures and that is when a thin mani comes  out so that is najis and would it be wajib to take gusal jinabat? And is it haram.


Salamun Alaykum

Thank you for your query.

It is Haraam to watch dirty pictures or movies. If the semen is discharged then Ghusl becomes wajib but if the semen isn’t discharged due to ejaculation then the Ghusl is not wajib. There are 3 types of fluid out of which mani is najis and brings the ritual impurity for which Ghusl is wajib.

According to Ayatullah al-Udhma Sayyid Ali Sistany:

Ruling 70. The fluid that sometimes comes out of the penis as a result of sexual arousal, called ‘madhī’, is pure. And the fluid that sometimes comes out after the ejaculation of semen, called ‘wadhī’, is also pure. As for fluid that sometimes comes out after urinating and which is called ‘wadī’, if it has not come into contact with urine, it is pure. Furthermore, in the event that a person performs istibrāʾ after urinating and then fluid comes out and he doubts whether it is urine or one of these three fluids, it is pure.

Question: Whenever I am thinking about a beautiful woman, there comes out a liquid without any lust or ejaculation? Is it semen? How can I understand that it is semen or a clean discharge?

Answer: As you have no certainty that it is semen, without the presence of the conditions required, the said liquid is pure (Tahir).

Question: Is precum impure? Precum is the pre-ejaculate fluid.

Answer: No, it is pure (Tahir).

May Allah(swt) grant you success


Syed Haider