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Waswasa of impurity


Assalamualaikum ustaad I have an issue which I hope you can help with. I had a spot on my heel which seemed to have popped because I saw some pus or some liquid coming out of it. I’m not sure if it’s flowing since it’s possible that it was dripping down because it’s on the heel. I got some on my finger as I had to wipe it off quickly before it stained my sandal. When washing my hands, some little splashes went onto my face almost immediately while washing. Should I pay attention to this? I also washed the part of my foot that the impurity touched using the showerhead. The problem is, while washing this, the water was going onto other parts of my foot. Was this impure or should I ignore? I washed the entire foot thinking it all became impure. Was this the case? Please answer asap please ustaad as this is causing a lot of waswasa


Assalamu alaykum

Please refer to the following link. Mas’alah no 105

Najis things

In regards to washing off your foot please refer to the following link (as I’m unable to tell how you really washed off your wound). The link will give you a good reading on Taharat altogether. This will also help you to be less “waswas”

Taharat » Pure and Mixed Water

Kind regards,

Sayyid Shabbar