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waswasa of being distracted


AOA I have a question regarding waswas. Whenever I decide to do something I feel like someone inside is distracting me I feel like someone has drawn a circle around me and I cannot get out from it. I feel like I challenge Allah (nazubillah). And Allah would not allow me to do my work or he would punish me anytime. I sometimes cry alot about thinking this .Although I know it is a stupid thinking still I can’t get rid of these thoughts. Plzz tell if this is ocd Nazar or something ? Also give me some duas regarding this


Waalykum salam

Thank you for your Question.

Not being able to focus on the things we do is a common problem in most of us. We need to practice concentration.
Which takes time and persistency is needed. So please let not that bother you. Just keep working hard and you will see the fruits of it InshaAllah.

At times, negative talks around us also make us feel that way. In that case, If you have a negative energy around you, say someone who keeps on telling you that maybe you’re not so good at a particular work or task, very slow, don’t know… etc pls disregard these talks and remind yourself that no human was born with skills at hand. Every professional had to learn what he is good at today! So try your best and you are as good or even better!

You’re not challenging Allah (az) especially because you know He holds the power to put you down. You just want to feel Him more challenging in your life. To get over this I’d suggest you take some Aqaid classes. The more you read about Allah (az) the more you’ll be able to appreciate His presence and power.

Also if evil eye worries you, recite surah Maudhatain and last 2 ayahs of surah al-Qalam seven times.

Hope this helps
N.S. Jaffery