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Assalamu alaykum I understand that if one washes their arms and face from bottom to top, their wudu becomes void. My questions are these: If someone is washing from top to bottom, then: halfway down the arm, they intentionally move their hand upward (with that part only not being with the intention of wudhu) then they carry on washing downwards as normal with that part being with the intention of performing wudhu, is the wudu valid?



Alaikum salaam

The arms have to be washed top to bottom with the intention of wudhoo. If you wash the other way with the intention of wudhoo, then this invalidates the wudhoo.

However, whilst doing wudhoo, if you wash the other way but with another intention (for example to remove something), then this does not invalidate the wudhoo, as long as it doesn’t break the sequence of the acts of wudhoo (i.e. it’s such a short gesture, that it doesn’t look like you’ve taken a break between the wudhoo to do something else).

Miqdad .R.