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Garden of Fadak


Asalam O Elikum.

I’ve a question about bagh e Fidq. I basically belong to the Shia sect, but after a detailed research on this matter I’ve found out (via Quran) that Fidq was to be distributed in 5 portions.

My question is, if this is in Quran then Bibi Fatima SA should have known that (most definitely). If she was aware of the distribution, why did she walked on to Abu Bakar RA to ask for it as inheritance? Because Bibi SA can NOT be wrong, so my question is, is this Hadith wrongly quoted in Sahih Bukhari and other major books or I interpreted the Quran wrong?

If I’ve done it wrong, then why didn’t Abu Bakar RA gave Bibi SA her property?

I’m waiting anxiously for your response.

Jazak Allah


Salaam alaikum

The land of Fadak was given to the Prophet entirely as Fay, meaning land
given without using battle. The Prophet (saws) was commanded by Allah
(swt) to give it entirely to Sayid Fatima (as). This indeed happened on
the 7th Year after hijra. Unfortunately this land was usurped by Abu Bakr
after the Prophet left this world. He did not argue that some of it
belonged to Fatima, but rather the Prophet does not inherit. The issue is:

a) The Quran shows that Prophets do inherit (eg of Sulayman)
b) Lady Fatima had the land anyway (i.e., it was not inheritance)


Sh Mohammed