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Order of Quran Revelation


Why was the Quran not compiled in the order that it was revealed?


Most scholars of the Quranic sciences are of the opinion that the present arrangement of Quran was directed by Holy Prophet (s) himself in accordance with instructions received from the archangel Jibraeel. Therefore, the question should have been why was the Quran not revealed according to the traditional order that appears in the Holy Quran? This is where we have the science of asbab al-nuzul which tries to allocate or correspond historical events in the life of the Holy Prophet (s) that  attracted revelations of certain passages (e.g. first five verses of Sura 96) or complete suras (e.g Suratul Kafiroon).
(Reference: Abbas and Masuma Jaffer, Quranic Sciences, Chapter 6 & 7)

Hasanayn Kassamali