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Was My Friend right


Salam . This all happened around 2 weeks ago . I wasn’t praying properly or learning about Islam for around 2 – 3 years . Before this I was very intrested in Islam , I would read prayer daily and I was learning the Qur’an by heart ( 6 Saparahs completed) but some events happened where I stopped Learning . I have a friend, who while talking to me and some other people 2 weeks ago, brought this up . He called me a bad muslim , one who wasn’t worthy of Islam . He shamed me in front of others about my way of life . I agreed with him , knowing I was doing bad ; but I felt he had been too harsh . So far , alhamduilliah I have done all my Namaz since then , and I am doing my best to recover my lost knowledge and learn more . However, I do not feel like I want to talk to him . I feel as if he is too rude and boasts about his Islam to everyone else . Do I try and talk to him , or do i abstain from contact ? Who was in the wrong? Jazakallah Khair


Assalamu Alaykum

Thank you for your Question…
Alhamdulillah and thanks to Allah that He showed you the right way once again. Through His Mercy and Grace, He guides His special servants when they go wrong and as your friend was the medium, I believe you should be thankful to him because it was through Him Allah guided you.

I realise that his style was a bit harsh and insulting however, the important thing is that it has enabled you to change and made you a better person.
This, however does not justify his behaviour as Islam gives a lot of importance to Akhlaaq and he could have done got the message across without belittling you BUT Islam also teaches us to forgive those who do wrong to us.
Thus, if you can keep aside personal grudges and forgive him, it would be advisable but if you think that his behaviour is intolerable and it is difficult for you to interact with him, in this case the best thing is to keep minimum relation with him without bearing any grudges until you feel comfortable to resume relations at your earlier level.

Kind Regards
Sukaina Taqawi.